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  1. Hello I hope that you can help me All of my files are encrypted, the extension is .bioawards This is the message from the attacker All files are encrypted with a complex strong key AES 256, RSA and so on. Don't use an antivirus. It can corrupt files and all cannot be recovered. You have been assigned a unique identifier. After infection, you have 96 hours to declare decryption. After the expiration of 96 hours, the keys will be automatically deleted. Do not use third-party file recovery or decryption software. They do not work. They mess up files. See for yourself. Detailed information can be obtained by mail: [email protected] To receive instructions on decryption, write to the mail: [email protected] To get the decryption keys and the decryption program, write to the mail: [email protected] This is a sample of an encrypted files and instructions - Backup software canot recover the files I hope to find a tool for decryption 8eC8oxX4HP4bURC+h47yL26dhY5x++nQO=vsa=9b4Gobi6U1=mRHTzlhnPOd+CVl7epwin29AcYhQoPCZ+ZAQptUp=6wsFiXAYRdKlL3a3lzXUmXzBkx7h28nhpdC6Ai7j2R9rwh=cOFcyAH.Bioawards o3zi2A=h8lFMehSz=3Wdzf8PZ5WVu787hskxspWTFaOC4527wVNpG3=7k6XpF497vvolT3uL7KnNRJCg.Bioawards DECRYPT FILES.TXT Instruction.txt