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  1. Okay, I understand, meaning that the quarantine area rescan function is used for the quarantine procedure for the traditional Anti-Virus engine to report viruses?The ones isolated by Behavior Blocker only need to be whitelisted by the analyst and then manually restored by the user? Is this understanding correct?
  2. Dear Technical Support, Hello! I am a Chinese user, yesterday at 0:17 (Beijing time), behavior monitoring misreported v2rayN.exe of v2rayN agent software, I made a false alarm submission via quarantine false alarm button, and at 0:20 replied me with an email: this file has been whitelisted and will be updated online in the next 15 minutes. But until now, after several updates, the quarantine false alarm file is still not detected by the update, and my manual rescan of the quarantine file still says that the quarantine is not a false alarm. There is another false alarm: Panda.exe from
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