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  1. On 8/19/2021 at 12:24 AM, KevinYu0504 said:

    I am surprised that there is no Emsi's employee reply user's new questions .


    Do you guys noticed , from May this year ,
    Emsi's employee they hardly continued to answer the customer’s articles,
    only a few articles received a few responses.

    Also , the customer services staff such as  "GT500" ,
    stop reply at May this year , many post on official forum never get any reply from Emsi employee , this never happen before .

    And I discover , David Biggar (Customer lead) , 
    his name was remove from Emsi's official Management team 
    (from the link in "Why Emsi") .



    I guess there should be many major personnel changes in Emsi,
    not to mention the decline in service quality, I also encountered a unfair treatment from Emsi.
    and deliberately ignored my protest.

    I would suggest not to consider Emsi anymore, obviously they don’t take customers seriously now .

    I also have the same feeling, emsi on the quarantine area to report false alarm file response has become less active, the forum in addition to the two feedback virus file problem sub-page has an official reply, the rest of the post basically no official reply

  2. 18 minutes ago, GT500 said:

    Emsisoft Anti-Malware contains two separate guards that detect threats running on your computer. One is the File Guard which is a traditional Anti-Virus using two engines and databases (our own and the one from BitDefender), and the other is the Behavior Blocker which detects things based entirely on behavior (if something exhibits any sort of behavior that could potentially be malicious and it isn't a known safe application then it gets quarantined).

    Your screenshot shows that this was quarantined by the Behavior Blocker, and thus the quarantine re-scan will not show any change in its detection (the re-scan only uses the on-demand Anti-Virus scanner and changes to the Behavior Blocker's whitelist won't be reflected in the re-scan). Just restore it from quarantine, and if our malware analysts whitelisted it then it shouldn't be detected again.


    This was also detected by the Behavior Blocker.

    Okay, I understand,  meaning that the quarantine area rescan function is used for the quarantine procedure for the traditional Anti-Virus engine to report viruses?The ones isolated by Behavior Blocker only need to be whitelisted by the analyst and then manually restored by the user?

    Is this understanding correct?

  3. Dear Technical Support, Hello!
    I am a Chinese user, yesterday at 0:17 (Beijing time), behavior monitoring misreported v2rayN.exe of v2rayN agent software, I made a false alarm submission via quarantine false alarm button, and at 0:20 replied me with an email: this file has been whitelisted and will be updated online in the next 15 minutes.
    But until now, after several updates, the quarantine false alarm file is still not detected by the update, and my manual rescan of the quarantine file still says that the quarantine is not a false alarm.

    There is another false alarm: Panda.exe from the Panda Proxy software. I also received a false alarm via the Quarantine False Alarm button and was sent a reply to the email, but after several updates, the quarantine false alarm file is still not detected by the update and my manual rescan of the quarantine file still says that the quarantine is not a false alarm.

    May I ask why this is?

    Screen shots of the log and emails are attached below,Versions and licenses










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