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  1. Hello, one more thing. We decided to make clean installation of Windows, programs and etc. Is there any risk that virus can come back? Thank you and best regards
  2. Hello, I also got encrypted. And the decrypter says "No key for New Variant online ID: SinNSspnHwauxYCE4pgScfXUCcZI8ifDx7OaOPCu. Notice: this ID appears to be an online ID, decryption is impossible" When will key be possible to decrypted? How will I be informed if there will be any solutions? I would like to get mine files back as soon as possible (of course ) And one more thing, I cleaned computer with malware software. It found as much as possible harmfull files and programs. Is it now safe to use computer and share files? If I create new picture or doc
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