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  1. I have also noticed an increasing number of alert pop-ups, particularly in the last couple of weeks. These concern programs that I have had for some time, or are what should be accepted processes. In fact I came here this morning to start a thread about this. Here are some of the alerts and the programs or processes involved: Adobe Reader Rocket Time Catalyst Control Center (ATI) OSA.exe XP component (?) XPS MiniViewGadget.exe MrtRate.sys Sprtlisten.exe MobileCenter.exe (Rocket Time) WinPatrol.exe It seem that OA had learned how to handle these, and I cannot understand what is going. The way OA has been acting lately reminds me strongly of Comodo, which was so "tight" that is drove me nuts. Not one to turn up my nose at a free and effective product, I would like to understand what is causing all these johnny come lately pop-ups and what can be done about them. Would it help to reinstall and let OA learn all over again. Thanks for listening! A question I had previously about Avast 5 that concerned Sf.bin was solved when I excluded the whole folder.)
  2. Thanks to both of you...think I have it now. Will find out for sure in the morning when Avast does its automatic update.
  3. This is weird. I can press ADD and that brings up a BROWSE FOR FOLDER window and the only viable alternative is OS(C:), so I press OK and the C:\ comes up on the green line. I can check and uncheck INCLUDE SUBFOLDERS. However, I am not able to type in the path. I have pointed the cursor to the green line clicked it, and tried pressing ENTER, but I cannot seem to find a way to type in the rest of the path. Perhaps I should just wait for Avast 6 which is in Beta.
  4. Not sure how to do that. All I find under programs is AvastUI.exe, Avast01.setup, and setup.ovr (this last one concerning updates). There is a good dozen instances of the Sf.bin sitting in there. The options include delete and block but no exclude. Should I just block the next instance of Sf.bin and see what happens?
  5. I've looked back through the posts to see if anyone else is having this minor problem, but apparently not. I have version 5.1.889 of Avast 5, and for the past few weeks OA Free alerts on the file: C:\ProgramFiles\AlwilSoftware\Avast5\defs\11020901\Sf.bin This file has something to do with the Avast Emulation Engine, and if I remember correctly, the trouble started about the time of a Program update to 889. The number changes a bit each time, so I have to "Allow" it every day, sometimes more than once a day. Is there some way that I can get OA to accept the Program in spite of some small change in the file?
  6. I meant to write KB! Or just a shade under 50 MB to be more exact.
  7. I wrote about the problem a few weeks and have tried to be careful about updating frequently, or twice a day. Once when cranking up the computer in the morning, and again in the evening. Today, 11/16, I searched for updates at 09:28 AM today. Awhile ago, at about 3:30 PM, I searched for updates again and was offered one of 49748 MB. This is only about 6 hours and is unacceptable. If this was a one time occurence and/or the developers were working to resolve the problem, it might be understandable. But as another poster said, they apparently shrug their shoulders and are willing to lose we dialup users. I will be bringing this up in other forums and see how widespread this problem is. But like Madeline, I am done with A-Squared until and unless they completely debug the product.
  8. I go to those links and for some reason they don't like the username (or is it email), and/or password that I have used to come to this forum...thus I can get no further with getting a coupon. Didn't realize that it would be this difficult, didn't have any trouble at all a year and a half ago when this was offered. I will go back to using the free version, being thankful I didn't pay good money for this.
  9. Hi Lynx: I have read the other threads and have updated a couple times since yesterday, but for some reason it hasn't changed. Apparently I didn't get a "coupon", or overlooked it. Any other ideas about what I should do.
  10. I am also have a problem getting the license activated. On the security status page it shows "30 Day Trial", and below that "Enter License Information" I press on that button and it takes me to the Configuration: License page. Part way down it has places to login to the account. A bit below that it shows "30 Day Trial" in the box, and at bottom right it says "Convert Coupon Code" I don't recall having come across a coupon code while installing. Any help would be appreciated.
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