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  1. Hey guys, So I'm new to Emsisoft and I wanted to try it out. I downloaded the 30 day free trail and while it seemed to be operating fine, I got a critical blue screen error, on my PC. It was pretty quick so i wasn't able to catch the error code, but my computer was able to restart and get back to normal. Later on however when my computer was on stand by, i noticed that it crashed again when i was away. After this Happened i decided to uninstall Emsisoft to see if that could fix the problem and so far, I haven't had any crashes. I'm a bit worried about re-downloading it as I don't want to risk doing any permanent damage to my computer. At the same time, I don't want to be without any virus protection and Emsisoft's features are really to my liking. It would be a shame if i had to drop the product due to a problem like this. Any help? Or at the very least point in the right direction on were to look?
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