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  1. https://mega.nz/file/JBkkkJza#WfJvhBzcS1C-2KCWVoxbrIudetAqC7vEALggcMdDJcU I think it's this file my son downloaded it 24/11/2020 11:19:59 Malware "Gen:Variant.MSILPerseus.196529 (B)" detected and blocked on behalf of chrome.exe
  2. ok thanks i'm waiting to hear from you then. if you can give me the name of that ransomware,
  3. i noticed that the conversion btc eur and very old so i think it is not a new virus
  4. All the important files on your computer were encrypted. To decrypt the files you should send 0.26 BTC (~100euro) to Bitcoin address: 1D6FAZKhaURNM6V1eFVQEPx7Bv27PNvgwF and in the description field enter your email address. Then you will receive all necessary instructions. zCamera-2031.zip.xcrypt
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