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  1. These thieves don't care whether your rich or poor or even organisation for hospitals or chairity, if its an online key there is no way to get decryption keys without paying the a**holes. Depending on files types there might be a chance of some recovery, check out photorec or data recovery on YouTube you might be lucky.
  2. Apprently new online I.D are not recoverable unless you pay the ransom to the hackers. Doubt anyone is out there trying to catch them either to release the private keys needed. Depending on the importance on your files you might wanna save them to a separate hdd along with the ransom note, and reinstall your computer.
  3. So I've had the my system hacked in February and I know its an online I.D, so I got sick of waiting to see if there's a decryption available, so I tried to contact the @$$holes who locked my files and left ransomware note, been over 3 days and no contact from them checked my spam mail too nothing. anyone else been able to deal with them? [email protected] [email protected]
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