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  1. I tried the decryption tool, but it appears I have an online ID. What is the best way to know when maybe in the future it will be able to decrypt? So that I don't have to consistently try decrypting once in a while. I read in your message that there is a small chance of decrypting online ID's in the future.
  2. Hi, So quite a while ago I backed up a lot of files that where encrypted by the ransomware. All the files are on a external hard drive safely stored without access to my computer. What is the best way to check if those files are decryptable? Just sticking it back in my computer with a fresh install of windows doesn't seem like the best (safe) way to do it. How can I safely scan the files with the emsisoft decrypter?
  3. I scanned my computer on malware and put the malware in quarantine. Should I just wait now, or do I have to take further action? I'm sorry, first time I have ransomware on my computer. 😄 And how do stay up to date on the new versions on this ransomware?
  4. I see in the decryptor that it appears to have a online ID, in the post you send me it says that decryption is impossible with an online id. Is is a good idea for me to leave my computer (desktop) alone for a while or are my important files basically not coming back ever again? Thanks a lot for the quick reaction by the way! You're amazing!
  5. Here a random file and the readme.txt Is there a way decryption will become available? If not, is there a tool that can help me find all the files that have not been affected? _readme.txt icon.png.coos
  6. Hi, My files got encrypted a couple minutes/hours ago and I cannot decrypt them with the decrypter. Based on my files and information the ransomware is "STOP (Djvu)". Is there anyway I can still decrypt these files? The files end with .coos Indy
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