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  1. i did add the decryptor to exclusion before (i even uninstalled my Anti-Virus once) i think better to change windows ... one last question, Is it possible for a encrypted file(offline key) to be encrypted again with online key?
  2. and this is the original file i used to download the decryptor
  3. no none as said before the output is a file that looks like its decrypted but its not and about the output that i copied for you ,it is missing a line that wrote decrypted(i know it cause i was able to decrypt some files before) i attach the encrypted file for you but i dont know why i cannot attach the corruptedoutput file that the web site show me this error Sorry, an unknown server error occurred when uploading this file. (Error code: imagecreatefromstring(): Couldn't create GD Image Stream out of Data) OK Vega-Quartet-2013-concept-phone-3.jpg.pidon
  4. Starting... File: F:\New folder\Vega-Quartet-2013-concept-phone-3.jpg.pidon Finished!
  5. Hello my pc files was encrypted by STOP DJVU ransomware(.pidon)and one of my personal ids ends in t1 so with the help of your gerat decryptor i started to upload file pairs in emisoft website and the decryptor works great for me and i uploaded a couple more files and i downloaded a couple of decryptors but all of a sudden at some point the decryptor stopped working and it didnt show me any kind of error and the decryptor produce unplayable clone of my decrypted files that looks like encrypted but they weren't. I've read some forums about this problem in emisoft website and i've tried disabling my antivirus, excluding the decryptor and even deleting my antivirus but none of them works and now none of the decryptors works on my files even on that particular single files that i have both encrypted and decrypted version of them. I would really appreciate it if you could help me solve my problem.
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