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  1. Sunday 11.04; 12-2PM CET? sounds perfect for me ;)
  2. I'm sorry for delayed answer. Of course. I'm in the middle of Europe. when im writing this in Indiana is 13.20 and in my neighborhood 19.20, math isn't my strong side (sorry) Im available from 5pm CET - and because it may be funny you can pick time you think is the best.
  3. all of them are managed locally for some time now; never seen it before
  4. pity; anyway this is a bit strange, software installed and admin has no clue if every comp received update. protection status button, this one looking like gearwheel.
  5. have you maybe? because I've noticed another strange behavior, details attached. By the way (success!), Im again able to add zip files - had to reinstall intel graphics and browser. Desktop.zip
  6. Ok, in fact it wasn't plugin but FFox feature and honestly, I don't understand why expecting highest possible safety level from WUC site is so strange?! https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/https-only-prefs?as=u&utm_source=inproduct https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/secure-connection-failed-firefox-did-not-connect?as=u&utm_source=inproduct thank you and one more thing, I wouldn't bother you if I can find information what kind of behavior of my browser I can expect while downloading updates - in this case - provided by Microsoft. Thanks :)
  7. ok, what with this, should I download and install in my comp update file after this screen (wuc02) if no: should trust downloaded files, having problem with unwanted previews loaded by original installer? I need to know for sure, what kind of information are visible in myemsisoft profile for computers managed locally. Haven't seen them in online manual - or - couldn't find them. As producer you had to tested this scenario also I believe.
  8. don't have it, there is no need to keep them in your browser if you have privacy badger and cybersec, in adition "http everywhere" also from eff Tiny Firewall is a simple software, I don't have - or can't find them - possibilities to open listed ports, as far I can see - this firewall in learning mode analyzes and allows every connections attempts (that's why two listening eav processes were blocked). Like I said before, now they can communicate freely as long as they will not change location on disk, I suppose. Anyway, on the other two computers Tiny is not installed, so I should see their update time. Which is why I asked: maybe myEmsisoft profile does not show update time for computers managed locally? btw: can't add files. ;(
  9. all off: eff - privacy bagger, vpn with own cybersec system - still can't add the zip file. did it before, found out that eav doesn't react when i'm plugging external disks. this time check old eav folder - was clean, only quarantine files feft, like before - just in case, previous drives listed. becouse realtek driver attempted install himself again direct after reboot after new installation - cleaned up with cccleaner, purge temps in users, and installed again. before eav installation noticed problem with backup disk - system couldn't write files down; need to reconnect it and then installed antyvirus, which now seems operating normally. i did, all Eav services are free to communicate.
  10. Usually don't use the cable, killer doesn't appear in the tray, to check its settings, had to reinstall “killer command center” (?) - results attached. Since then sits bravely in tray. Uninstalled eav, previously removing my computer from myemsisoft, during the installation the token issue appeared again. Just in case, reinstalled the wifi, graphics and sound drivers. After a reboot, eav installed itself with a unknown local password. Couldn’t change it via myemsisoft account with mixed management settings (local and remote) enabled; had to disable the default administrator (SYSTEM) and reboot. In emsisoft folder found files with older installation dates (screens attached) - honestly, I didn't remove it manually, assuming the installer did or at least important/sensitive data. two emsisoft exe's were blocked (printscreens) now they free, but it didn't change anything on myemisoft. Maybe this is somehow connected to local management and password.
  11. is allowed, pls find attached tinyScreenshot 2021-03-23 135725.zip
  12. just trying to avoid preview updates from installing in my computer, and because have found this https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/remote-procedure-call-rpc-how-do-i-determine-if/23fcf681-8110-46c7-9939-f0e7561585e9 and because my email was hacked, and have a lot of problems with different applications that behave as never before, and finally, my winadmin password stopped working as well as local emsisoft one, just wanted be sure that info that I shouldn't be able to switch this service off, is true. And I found this forum perfect for this ;) if you don't mind, of course :)
  13. forgot something, eav didn't quarantine fstr.exe; stdnUser.zip adm.zip
  14. should I posted here as copied txt or zip file? btw, ran it few times in std and adm profile, results are different
  15. update: one never updated, another two long time ago; i have found one more detail on last screenshot. Malware? how can I check it? @JeremyNicoll is that so obvious?
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