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  1. is Emsisoft home able to control installed updates? If not, what is a purpose of windows updates button I think I saw in MyEmsisoft profile?
  2. @GT500 >> As for why the .NET Framework preview updates are installing automatically, you may need to ask Microsoft via the Answers forum. did, twice, not on forum because I've seen unanswered posts describing exactly the same problem, but directly - first advice was: your DVD must be damaged, download ISO, install again; second, customer center: look, this are cumulatives, that's super! @stapp >> .Net preview installed automatically for me too on my machines this time. >> Usually for the previews you have to select 'Check for Updates' but not this
  3. as you can see, it goes automatic, all I can do is switch it off. i know, thats why want to know if should I be worried.
  4. and windows insider page in winUpdate
  5. KB4601050 .NET Framework security update and ones more security update, 'couse i've noticed this attempt, windows insider service is off, and all updates defer till next week.
  6. they keep trying to install themselves on my computer; none of my emails have been registered with the insider program; I have re-installed the system several times. Previews are systematically coming back. Should I be worried? winpro 10 20H2
  7. ok, anyway, still dont understand purpose of silentmode off button. Thanks
  8. let me understand pls; for what reason then, it goes into this mode, if change nothing?
  9. even if silent mode is disabled on workspace and locally?
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