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  1. I m also try with some tools .those photos has a problem .therefor I upload PDF files encrypted and not encrypt.those I open those files with notepad then I look the part of the id it has same character s. with txt file id and it has a some numarical character s .if you can open it with notepad . Can you tall me the toos you are trying to decrypt.
  2. I try with lot of tool but not warking photos attached I have same files encrypted and not encrypt those are attached someone please help meNew folder.zip 2SC2570A.PDF.coos _readme.txt 2SC2570A.PDF
  3. hr80111_172.gif.coos hr80111_172 and 2 jpg files same un encrypted files in zip file2.jpg.coos Your personal ID: 0275aSjeeGMDNvCn1UhRVt8L5kKHIlw5AcUYMkb8cni2uWZZF help me to get my files back _readme.txt id.txt New folder.zip
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