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    I need HELP about OMFL decryption..!

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  1. What is same series of images or how can i have unencrypted files from the same series of images? I didn't understand anything you wrote so what you wrote for this solution exceeds me. Ok, let's forget:) so it's not very important for me .Jpg files. I said, i already want or important for me is txt files. Thank you very much for your reply so tired you. Thanks again:)
  2. I sent, this is the link: https://www.sendspace.com/filegroup/HVCowLAzdPE1b4FD3NSzl8lIxcVdmIYK8dIc9n7ubXU%2FUyoyKV576Q I know it can't be solved .txt files but i also sent .Jpg files too for simple instance. I said my big problem is with my .txt files:( Thank you.
  3. I tried to send the files and i went to the 2 sites you mentioned above but asked me for the email address of the person i'm sending.. who will i send, you didn't write your email address?
  4. Thank you again for your reply,, But how can i see my photos unencrypted original version, i can't open already.. I did not understand what you said.. And than how can we contact will you give me your e-mail address, how?
  5. Hello I need just .txt files and like 5-6 pieces .Jpg files too for decrypt. So like 25 files in total. Can you help really? As you said, how can do it myself? What's the solution or how will you help me what will i do?
  6. Thank you again for your reply It's been 1 year (Was 21 December 2020) since i experienced this ransom thing:( And he demanded from me $490 but of course i didn't pay. I also cleaned my computer and of course i backup of my encrypted files and now in a safe place. So i also recovered with "ShadowExplorer" half of the my files and now i'm waiting for the others my files. For now too i am waiting for solution about OMFL STOP Djvu Decryptor new variant or maybe the key will be released, who knows.. Thank you again for your informations.
  7. Thank u for reply.. I know these details but on this site they told me, u can wait for the new variant because you have in published it's a very old variant released.. And so there are those who pay the ransom therefore that Private Encryption Key, can be published on the internet i mean which can be an option. So, this is last my hope:(
  8. Hi, I need new variant "Emsisoft Decryptor (STOP Djvu)".. Because old version (variant) does not offer solution and i'm still waiting for 1 year. Should i wait for the new variant (Last version was v1.0.0.5) "STOP Djvu decryptor" or do you have new version and where or which do i download? Can i get an ANSWER from someone related to this issue, pleasee? Thank you.
  9. Thanks but i dont need recovery photos, i need just recovery documents for example "txt or text" .... I use Recuva/Shadow Explorer/Shadow CopyView programs and i recovered files including 2018 but doesn't show (no recovery) 2019-2020 years..
  10. I mean, I'm unfortunate in every way:) I have nothing to do except to wait..
  11. OK, thanks again. I will try what you wrote or i have to wait sanguinely for the new variant..
  12. Thank but i did not understand anything at all.. If i had the original file, i wouldn't have been hacked anyway:) my files already with OMFL.. and then the first enter click "Encrypted file" should it be Randome note is it? and second click "Original file" too must be encrypted file, is it?
  13. By the way, i will ask something: When i enter this site: https://decrypter.emsisoft.com/submit/stopdjvu and when i click browse take in "Encrypted file" OK. but second part it wants "Original file" so which file is? (If the original file does not exist anyway, i could open that file anyway).. Is the "Original file" is it Randome Note i take in but doesn't accept so announcing ""Invalid file pair; each file must be larger than 150KB"" so what does this mean or what file is this file if not?
  14. Thank you very much for your reply, again.. I have already backed up my encrypted files. I'm just waiting for the time.. Will the site www.bleepingcomputer.com you say will publish the solution about OMFL decryptor? Ok, i will follow.. Thanks again:)
  15. Now there's no way but maybe in the future isn't it:( So please let me know then, ok? Thank you very much for your reply..
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