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  1. I managed to gain access to the 'My account' page. It shows only my current device: STK-L22 and does not show my old device. It also shows 'Mobile Security Subscription Expired'. I have followed the 6 numbered instructions several times but it always returns to the large red display: 'Subscription has expired'.
  2. Hi David. Thanks for your prompt reply. Unfortunately it didn't work. When I tried to visit https://central.emsisoft.com the menu only showed momentarily at top left then the display showed "Welcome Norman. Let's get your device protected" with 3 choice boxes below. No menu showing. I had previously followed this course and had deleted my old device. Sorry I didn't mention this in my first message. Looking forward to your next suggestion. Cheers, Norman.
  3. Hi I purchased Emsisoft Mobile Security (v. 3.2.5) 21st April 2020 order number 119298840. Phone on which app was installed- Vodafone VFD 720 Android 8.1.0 My current phone is- Huawei Y9 Prime 2019. Model- STK-L-22. Build- GPU Turbo. I recently noticed 'Subscription has expired' I realised that this might be due to fact that I had replaced my phone. I have tried unsuccessfully to restore the app without 'Subscription has expired' despite following instructions given to other subscribers in your support pages. Please advise. Cheers, Norman.
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