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  1. Even after getting Comodo out of the way I still get the Major problem. So I gave up, tried Kaspersky, then ran into endless difficulty trying to remove McAfee Site Advisor. Never could satisfy Kaspersky, so I've gone with Avira antivirus and Simplewall firewall. Now neither of those tasks has high CPU usage, but System is running high at 35-40%. So it goes. Thanks for all the help.
  2. Thanks, Jeremy. I'll detach from the internet, uninstall Comodo and try again. One last shot
  3. Windows 10 Home, 20H2. Didn't have EAM, using Comodo CIS until I have something to replace it. Am I supposed to be 'naked' while installing EAM? No a2... processes running in Task Manager. My EAM GUI looks like my screenshot: no left-hand tile, just a menu item for Protection Policies. I understood the 'major problem' popup to be coming from EAM, no mention of a2-things. It's not really worth it to me to check, or learn to check, event logs for this. Comodo CIS was a trouble-free installation and I've been using it for years. Recently its CPU usage has been climbing so I wanted to try something else.
  4. I hit Install Protection again. And again 'Major problem...' I'm about ready to give up.
  5. The 'Major problem...please restart' window pops up again. I'm on a laptop, if that matters.
  6. After restart, opening Emsisoft Anti-Malware causes two Emsisoft tasks to show in Task Manager, both with 0% CPU. Am I supposed to click Install Protection again?
  7. After opening Emsisoft Anti-Malware I see no new window or tab. In my Console the Settings in on the lower left. There is no indication of being managed. Now I have a window advising me to restart and try again. I'll report back later.
  8. I have downloaded the Console and created a workspace. Then clicking 'Install protection' gives me EmsisoftAntiMalwareWebSetup_de718bc8-c9b8-4848-97f1-3cdd73b345ea.exe in my Download folder. So I ran that but then my console doesn't recognize it and still says 'Waiting for new devices to be installed.' What am I missing?
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