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  1. Thank you for your help, i hope to hear from you soon. And i'll be contacting coveware as well. Lastly thank you so much for helping.
  2. Hi thank you for your response, i followed your link and unfortunately it gave me this message 'Based on your provided information we were able to identify your ransomware as “Phobos“.Unfortunately, this ransomware can’t be decrypted at all. Please reach out to our friends at Coveware to discuss your options.'
  3. Hi, my ext hdd containing my company's server image got encrypted. I tried contacting the people who encrypted my files and i could not get a response from them. I have attached a copy of the ramsomeware note and a sample file. Would appreciate if anyone could help, I'm willing to give some reward for the effort. Thank you so much. Read Me Please!.HtA Backup_Error-01-01-2018_13-00-10.log.[[email protected]]
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