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  1. Try to disable the web protection module in your EAM. It's not the best solution, but it worked for me when I had a similar problem.
  2. This is so weird... Considering that i've been using for years without any issue until now, it is a little disappointing. Another intriguing detail is that using EAM connected or not to my workspace, the result is the same: high cpu usage and internet blocking on the entire PC. But i think the best i can do for now is quit using the web protection section and insert the list into a firewall or something.
  3. But there's an issue: i don't use the browser extension, because it doesn't work properly in my browsers (waterfox and iridium). Therefore, having a blacklist only on EAM should not interfere with the use of cpu or browsers, right?
  4. In fact, the list was inserted directly into the EAM, in the web protection section.
  5. My PC config is Windows 8.1, AMD A10-6790K, 8GB. And my laptop where the same problem happens: Windows 10 20H2, i5 10210U, 8GB. Both updated. The list have about 550,000 entries. it is huge. I turn the machine off regularly, and even after resetting the list, the problem returns as soon as I re-instate the list. But if I downgrade to version 2021.4, everything seems to be normal.
  6. After updating my EAM to version 2021.5, I noticed that the CPU usage increased to 90%, my browser takes almost a minute to load and does not open any website. The high usage of the CPU occurs in the a2service.exe process. Apparently, the problem was with web protection. I keep a list of addresses to block (eg Malware domains list) and after resetting the web protection configuration, the list of blocked domains was cleared and voilà! The browser loaded again and the internet connection worked perfectly. Any idea what it might be?
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