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  1. Great ! I followed your instruction, I reboot the PC after KIS scan completed then the Trojan already removed. Thanks for your support. Now I just wait to Emsisoft update the tool for recover my data pcqq file. I hope someone send the key to Emsisoft soon 😘
  2. Wonderful ! I used FRST of Emsisoft for scan and removed "Sskiper.exe" out of my PC. But there is new issue coming: The trojan with name: "Win32.Luckymouse.gen" infected to my PC. I used Emergency Kit of Emsisoft to scan and remove this trojan, but this tool is not detect it. Please see the picture file Then I used KIS for scan PC, and KIS detected this Trojan, unfortunately KIS can not delete this Trojan. Please see the picture file. I would like to remove this Trojan. What can I do? Please advise Thank you. Oh I can not upload the picture on forum, the error message: "Sorry, an unknown server error occurred when uploading this file (error code: -200)"
  3. There is one wonder i would like to ask you that: i used KIS and Malwarebyte to remove this virus but the “sskipper.exe” still install to the folder “temp” and this app detected by KIS and KIS blocked and deleted it at the moment. Every 2 minutes this app install to my PC. What can i do to remover this app permanently? Thanks
  4. Hi, I computer also infected this pcqq ransomware. The systemID is offline (t1) so think I can recover my file with Emsisoft tool. Now I am waiting till emsisoft got the new dercrytion key of this pcqq file. Thank you
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