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  1. Same issue here, haven't gotten updates for 10 hours on my laptop and 14 hours on my desktop
  2. I unfortunately uninstalled it and deleted the logs, I have since re-installed the software. I don't think there's any other way to get that information, sorry to say.
  3. After the update to emsisoft version 2021.5 i noticed when i had a firefox update, chrome update, edge update (for all of these browsers) it kept stating almost done just relaunch over and over until i turned of emsisoft protection, then they all updated and worked. Same issue with a steam update today as well, kept saying it had and update, updated, then a few minutes later, the same update was there and never installed, again turned off emsisoft protection and it worked. Is there something going on with why it's blocking these that I can change in the settings somewhere? Also, it never did that to all my browsers before and I've had it almost a year, it was only after this update.
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