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  1. All files are encrypted! CryptON Ransomware To decrypt the files, you need to purchase special software «CryptON decryptor» Restore the data, follow the instructions! You can learn more / request e-mail: [email protected] You can learn more/questions in the chat: https://cryptxf3zamy5kfz.tor2web.link (not need Tor) https://cryptxf3zamy5kfz.onion.plus (not need Tor) http://cryptxf3zamy5kfz.onion/ (need Tor) You can learn more problem out bitmessage: https://bitmsg.me/ BM-2cWzhoNFbjQ3X8pULiWSyKhc6dedQ54zQ1 - If the resource is unavailable for a long time to install and use the terms of reference of the browser: 1. + Start the Internet browser 2. + Type or copy the address https://www.torproject.org/download/download-easy.html in the address bar of your browser and press key ENTER 3. + On the website you will be prompted to download the Tor browser, download and install it. To work. 4. + Connection, click "connect" (using English version) 5. + After connecting, open a normal window Tor-browser 6. + Type or copy the address http://cryptxf3zamy5kfz.onion/ in the address bar of Tor-browser and press key ENTER 7. + Wait for the download site // + If you have any problems with installation or usage, please visit the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gOgh3ABju6Q Your personal identification ID:5263xxxx6
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