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  1. Ok an update of this issue. Last night I managed to uninstall Emsisoft out of my system I kept on inputting my past passwords one at a time hoping one would work. Well guess what one of my passwords did eventually work and proceeded to uninstall Emsisoft. I have now reinstalled Emsisoft and happy to say all seems well. So it all indicates that I did install a password after all but simply forgot about it most probabbly due to the fact that Emsisoft is doing its job and hardly have to go in it, except for those pesty quarantine instances that started to occur recently. I thank all those who commented here and wish you all well.
  2. I use Emsisoft Anti-Malware Home. Have done so for a very long time without any issues. Recently any programs I try to install on my computer Emsisoft will quarantine the program (.exe folder), so I go in the Quarantine section and click the Restore button and i was able to carry on with installation. However this last week I started getting a windowed message Restricted Access..see image Now I have never sat this password up and I do not know what the password is. I am also getting this Restricted Access message even if I try to do anything with my Emsisoft such as adjusting settings and so forth. Basically I am stuck in limbo. I have been in touch with the Support team and they also seem to be lost as to why this is happening. I am at the end of my tatter with this thing, just recently I have spent a good deal of money purchasing a program that I cannot install because Emsisoft hijacks the installation categorizing it as malware and puts it in quarantine from which I cannot take it out because of this Restriction Access that I have no password for. Please HELP..somebody
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