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  1. One more thing. As i mistakenly did open my internet after ransomware infection once for the purpose to install malwarebytes, then immediately closed when i saw my fresh file on desktop encrypted. Just now, I see i have another ID shows under previous ID. In C drive, i had systemID folder, and a notepad file which contains my ID that ends with t1. Photo is attached
  2. My all files have been encrypted with a new extension called .NEER. I've read some blogs about the ransomware using offline and online IDs. My personalID ends with t1, indicating offline ID. I ran Malwarebytes on the system and all threats have removed. Then i downloaded Emsisoft to encrypt all files. But it said, the .NEER extension is new, so far it doesn't have any key to encrypt the data. Please help, I've very important data of my study and business.
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