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  1. Im no IT expert, but i red on BC forum that a guy was able to recover 50% of his data using header bytes from decrypted file on encrypted files. Not sure what you guys have been talking about, just wanted to put info here.
  2. Yea i know that. I thought if someone shares their online key, you might be able to find out how encryption is working, so you can use that knowledge to break offline encryption too. Its silly i know, Im just grasping at straw here.
  3. Well, I thought if victim of online encription gives Emsisoft the key they paid for, maybe you guys can use that specific key for specific extension to make also offline encription decryptable.
  4. Hey Amigo, what key Emsisoft needs in order to crack offline encription? Can you use both offline and online key, or only offline. I mean for specific extension.
  5. I dont get it. You say right now we dont know if the same key can be used to decrypt both extension, even if they have the same ID?
  6. Is this the first time that 2 diffefent extensions have the same ID? Does that mean the same key can be used to decrypt both ransomware?
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