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  1. I got infected my .moqs and my id is offline..but now my problem is that the decryptor us just stuck on the starting... Phase and does not even try to decrypt my files...i cannot even check to see if the new keys have ben found now..what is the problem here?can anyone help? please
  2. Thankyou for your reply sir, but from what i know my ending id number was t1 so it should be offline right?i have hope and ill wait...but the thing with informing the law enforcement, will they hold me accountable for downloading crack soft ware(thats where i got it from,im so stupid) i just dont want to be the guy that gets all his files taken away and telling the police gets him jail for 7days
  3. I was feeling hopeless but i have hope now seeing you guys..thankyou for working for the good guys..i want to be like you when i grow up..waiting for the decryption for .moqs..thanks again
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