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  1. At the moment no problems with MS edge. Why did Emsisoft-Anti-Maleware put this file "C:\Program Files (x86)\Browser Files\uninst.exe" in quarantine when I tried to uninstall a program? Can I restore it or declare it "false detection"?
  2. Here the fixlog.txt made with the windows editor. I noticed that since 1 week I receive phishing sms on my smartphone with https-links to a voicemail. Could this be due to this virus? Can I copy files to another computer to work on them or is this still dangerous? Fixlog.txt
  3. I scanned the PC with EMSISOFT-Anti-Maleware (attached txt). No suspicious files were found. But as I wrote you before this file is in quarantine "C:\Program Files (x86)\Browser Files\uninst.exe" Should I restore this file before doing the scan? scan_210805-184801.txt
  4. 1-2 weeks ago I was asked to confirm a "open office update" by my Windows 10 PC. I confirmed the update (but the version of open office is still the old). Now the edge-Browser-Startpage changed to "www1.online/?w=RD1919". This address appeared always for 1 second then switched to about:blank. After resetting the browser settings this problem disappeared. I found a new suspicious programm on the PC "Websuche chrome/edge" that has been installed on 26.7.21. I tried to uninstall it but it didn't work and EMSISOFT-ANTI-MALEWARE detected a bad behavior in the file C:\Program Files (x86)\Browser Files\uninst.exe which was put in quarantine. Now I can't uninstall other programms. What can I do?
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