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  1. We recently started installing the managed business version of Emsisoft on client company computers and have run into a wall with one bit of software running on a single computer. I isolated that computer to it's own group and started testing exclusions. First I tried excluding the executable. Still blocked. Next I added the folders it runs out of and stores data in [the folder IN program files, programdata, and appdata]. Still blocked. Then I tried excluding ALL of the user directory, both program files folders, and programdata. Still nothing. For the sake of being thorough I then excluded the entire C: and the program still won't run. What DOES work however is just turning off the file guard. Preferably I'd like to make an exclusion that works but if that's not possible I'd like to know how to stop the management console from complaining about the file guard being off on just that computer. That specific computer's ONLY purpose is that software and alternate methods can be used to better secure it if needed. It's also worth noting this software runs independent of network resources [can run without being attached to any network] so there's no need to exclude things like net drives or shared resources.
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