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  1. Hi All, My first post. 🤓 After a bit of a search, I thought I would ask here, if it is at all possible - though, I have a feeling, probably not. The small business I work for, started using EMSISOFT for a few years now, which I use myself personally. Using the my.emsisoft Managment Console, I setup initially, in a bit of a rush, but, now starting to understand this environment a little more, I would like to rearrange our Workspace(s). I have 1x Workspace (Office01), but, placed all our desktop and laptop's in ome place, but, I am thinking of creating another Workspace (Mobile Devices), for all laptops, smartphones, etc., so I can apply different settings for that space. So my question, if I set up a new Workspace, can I move individual devices (laptops), into that space, at all? 💻 I guess what I was hoping to acheive, is: 'Office' workspace, for all our desktop PC's, and, 'Mobile' workspace, for all mobile devices. Many thanks for any advice! EDIT: Thu 26/08/2021, 1500 Sorry, I shoul have mentioned, I have actually 2x Workspaces created, with mixed devices in them, and it's those workspaces I would like to try and make, Office and Mobile, respectively. 🙏
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