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  1. 8 hours ago, David Biggar said:

    Guesses and theories do nobody any good. I've already replied to you, Kevin. As far as the rest of the questions, there are several, but much more outright conjecture than questions. I'm happy to try to answer those though if asked again without all of the guesswork muddying up the thread.

    Sorry for causing your misunderstanding,
    In fact, the conjectures or questions I put forward in the comments on this post,
    they were all sent before you answered me by private message.

    This is because all the message I sned to Emsisoft's message had more than 10 days no one reply .

    I apologize if I cause a misunderstanding.


    In order to ensure that the discussion does not digress,
    I will not continue the discussion in this post,
    I am sorry if I make anyone feel uncomfortable .


    And because my main account had be banned ,
    do not allow me to login in,
    I am here using new account for apologize and looking opportunity to restore my main account .


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