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  1. I guess this is a new variant of the Stampado ransomware called Zelta. And I didn't find out a solution for it. 😢
  2. I'm trying this, hoping it will lead to a good result! BTW, sorry for mistaking Philadelphia for Stampado Ransomware.😌
  3. I just send the email, please check!
  4. Please help me! I have used the Decrypter, but it doesn't work for me... I only have ID and Email address, but don't know salt value. ID: 6.F2D949D5 Attacked by Email: [email protected] Original file: geoname_translation.txt Encrypted file: 5BCEB1A61CF0C3B307E118BA44C2643D1FDEDC2A786F191D9718013D403269D4B8EF0132055DB2FE5DFCF67C8C33.locked
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