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  1. *sigh , oh boy this is gonna be a long waiting game for me . But i don't care, i love it . You have my support guys at Emsisoft, go hunt that SOB who locked my precious files . I might gonna help one of these days .... God speed!
  2. I guess i'll have to wait in case if there's a update . Tnx !
  3. The question there is is there a chance this gonna fixed real soon :( ? Everytime i saw these encrypted files it makes me depressed :( . I hate to say, I would go through these unbelievable mood swings ... I never attempted suicide, but I have had suicidal thoughts ... The biggest challenge is there are many days I feel like a douche. Anyway I'm sure there is a hope....
  4. Error: No key for New Variant online ID: PcJr1ZDPgwIc05BX2lalfeD2gPCLWyhL7TLndjZV Notice: this ID appears to be an online ID, decryption is impossible Please help me to recover all of precious my files (years of hardwork, blood, sweat & tears) :( :( . Affected by .orkf ext[Djvu Ransomware] :( . -George FAST_4_START_DIST.WAV.orkf FAST_4_EXHAUST_HIGH.WAV.orkf FAST_4_EXHAUST_LOW.WAV.orkf FAST_4_REVS_OFF.WAV.orkf FAST_4_EX_IDLE_LOOP.WAV.orkf FAST_4_ENGINE_HIGH.WAV.orkf FAST_4_ENGINE_LOW.WAV.orkf _readme.txt FAST_4_ENG_IDLE_LOOP.WAV.orkf
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