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  1. I have the same problem on windows 7 64bit windows action center always prompt me that I haven't turn on EAM anti virus and anti spyware. Although I'm 100% sure that EAM is up and running. I don't know if its a bug, but I've tried to format my pc and do fresh install without any other app, the problem still arise I've tried contacted support, but they can't help me nevertheless it is not a big deal for me, although a fix would be nice please note that never happen on OA 5, windows action center always recognize it. you can temporary "fix" the problem, turn off file protection then quickly turn on again, windows action center will recognize that EAM is on I cant see your attachment, but to make sure EAM is properly running just take a look at security status on the main GUI if all are check marked green, u're ok
  2. anyone have file & registry shield setting recommendation? I tried to file shield c:\windows\, resulting hang to my pc
  3. Thanks again, a great support from another user IMHO emsisoft should make the product exclude each other by default. Without user inteference.
  4. recently I bought EAM + OA to be used on win7 64bit Yet after 1 week I give up with online armor premium Reasons : 1. Way too many popup, so yeah I was forced to use learning mode for many times. 2. The I/O is very high, Always reach 1.000.000 I/O, while eam stays at 100.000 Even full blown Kaspersky IS only use around 500.000 3. Many time I failed installing driver or software (without learning mode) even though install mode is selceted, and set allow to all process Just love emsisoft anti malware, but if I add OA on the system, all seems too much to handle Don't get me wrong, I don't hate OA I just hope that developers would listen and make a lighter and user friendly product. If the dream comes true.. I believe OA will emerge as a winner soon enough.
  5. Thx for the advise Btw Should I turn off anti-keylogger in EAM BB and use OA anti-keylogger?
  6. I'm new to eam and oa combo. But sometimes they gave me too many pop ups. Specially hips popup, so the question is... Should I turn off OA hips, and rely solely on EAM hips (mamutu?)?? Or the other way around? Ps : I heard the new OA beta doesn't pop that much anymore. If its true, that would be beautifull
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