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  1. Excuse me, I got this problem too. The situation is I can't repair my video files, which showed that this is corrupted or damaged. What can I do to repair or recover those video? Additionally, I would like to know how to repair or recover JPG files. This is a big problem for me. I just want to repair it, but most of methods need a reference file. But I haven't, can you help me to solve this problem?
  2. My files are decrypted by efdc, and the ID is still online. I would like to ask how to turn the ID from online to offline? I can repair my mp3 song, however my jpg and mp4 files are encrypted. Is that related to the online id? I wish someone can help me, thanks a lot.
  3. That means this private keys are not valid to decrypt the efdc files?
  4. Is this work to decrypt the online ID? Anyone try this before?
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