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  1. Add me to the "sometimes it shows, sometimes it doesn't" green border crowd. OA5 Win7 32. It is totally random on whether it shows or not when set to RunSafer from the programs list. It *always* shows when the program is set to RunNormal and I launch it from the RunSafer context menu. Firefox, IE8, Foxit, VLC, WMP, IrfanView....all random. I believe it also always shows when another program launches a RunSafer one (like an http link in an email), bit I'm not 100% on this. Happened in 4.5 as well. P
  2. I just installed Win7 w/SP1. When I get to the restart after the Wizard, the machine reboots, but then freezes as the desktop is loading. The taskbar icons freeze (the wireless blue circle connecting for example) and restarting with the start menu doesn't work...have to hard reset. The OA shield icon doesn't appear either. I've installed on two other Win7 boxes *without* SP1, and OA runs great. Thanks, NN
  3. Hello, Thank you for providing such powerful software in your free version. The only problem I am having, is that when I mark Firefox.exe to Run Safer, it doesn't always have the green border (the option is checked). When I open it from OA's interface, it is there, but when I open it from a shortcut in the task bar...sometimes it's there...sometimes it's not. Is it still protected? I am on Win7. Thanks, P
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