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  1. 15 minutes ago, Kevin Zoll said:

    Because these criminals operate in countries that turn a blind eye to their activities, as long as they do not target systems inside said country.  Until these countries stop providing a safe haven for these criminals to operate from, this is not going to stop any time soon.

    What countries do these cybercriminals operate from ? Do the private keys these cybercriminals store in their C&C servers ever get deleted so that ordinary people NEVER get their files back ? What do i do with the .pcqq files i have now ?

  2. On 8/25/2021 at 3:04 AM, Amigo-A said:

    You have no other way out of the problem.

    You do not need to look for ANOTHER Decryptor somewhere, it is not and will not be in the nearest year. All other sites that offer to decrypt files are lying or are colluding with extortionists. 

    Why I say this is because I know.
    I have been monitoring the malicious activity of this STOP Ransomware for the fourth year now. I know where they are from, who is helping them and where part of the ransom goes. They are well covered and Interpol will not receive a command from above and does not authorize an arrest. 

    How do you know who they work for? and why doesn't the police and government take them down and locate the command and control server and release the private keys so people's files are restored? is it possible the cybercriminals are working together with the police? Where are they located? I heard most of them originate from russia. In the meantime, what can we do about our files? because I am thinking of storing encrypted files with .pcqq files into a seperate external hard drive. Should I also place these files in microsoft onedrive? or will the virus spread within onedrive ? Also, should I delete _readme.txt files inside some of the folders? is that supposed to be a virus. When i try to open some of them, there is a message saying I need administrator privilege. One more thing, what exactly should I do with files encrypted with .pcqq files like in a detailed explanation? I have like 6 external hard drives and a box account, onedrive with 2 TB of storage so I have plenty of hardware for backups but exactly how do I proceed with backing up my system, clone my current hard drive using acronis true image? or using any other softwares etc..etc...

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