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  1. Thanks ShadowPuterDude! I appreciate it, it is for a company we service only partly but we are trying to help a bit here in that they are in a jam. I will submit that shortly and thanks again.
  2. Thanks Amigo-A, this still no real hope for decryption in this case I would think then? Thanks for the reply too!
  3. Hello, I hope all is well! We have a client that got hit with a variant of the Conti ransomware, and I realize that in most cases it is not something that can be decrypted, but thought I would approach you anyhow in that you are the best at what you do and I thought it worth a quick query; the extension is .NGOGX and this is the first time that I have seen this variant myself to mention. I can upload any files you may need if you think it is worth while and thanks so much!
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