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  1. Thanks for reply once again! I made backup of all my personal data on one HDD and unplugged him from computer, also did an new fresh windows 10 (with Emsisoft malware removal software and Avast Antivirus not free one, I bought full version) so fortunatelly I killed virus TOTALLY from my main system HDD, so I will wait few weeks until you (maybe) get key for .vtua ransomware and then plug in my HDD with encrypted data and try to decrypt them, is that good move? I tried alot of recovery programs, restore files etc... But I cant even bring them back BECAUSE ransomware deleted all of my restoration points unfortunatelly, so I will wait for key and keep my encrypted data on offline HDD, I think that's good idea. And of course I wont pay them anything.
  2. So, this will be ever possible to decrypt? That .vtua file?
  3. Hello @[email protected] Thanks for your answer. My first 4 digits in _readme.txt -> personal ID are 0339.
  4. Hello there, I need your help for really, my files are encrypted by some .vtua rasnomware, I tried alot of solutions but it just doesnt work, like you can see on this screenshot. https://prnt.sc/1wk0j0i My whole PC is encrypted with that, I dont know what to do anymore. Also I tried Emisoft Decryption Tool and this is what I got. https://prnt.sc/1wk0n14 It said that's some kind of "STOP (Djvu)" Rasnomware, okay. So I downloaded tool for this rasnomware from site, "decrypt_STOPDjvu.exe" and still nothing. This is log when I try decrypt one picture by .jpg.vtua File: C:\Users\King RT66\Desktop\New folder\20200626_234612_HDR.jpg.vtua Error: No key for New Variant online ID: Yf3QVYKGirwvlRfbHI7dKgWsC5zdM0nhIFY6Nysm Notice: this ID appears to be an online ID, decryption is impossible Finished! It said "decryption is impossible" but I have like 100gb of private/job data etc... Please if someone can help be with this I will be really thankfull. Best regards.
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