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  1. Does RC 5 fix the problem where OA slows down the computer so badly it becomes nearly unusable?
  2. Yes, I restarted the browser but it made no difference. So, I rebooted the computer (Win 7 Pro x64) and now the rule I added works properly. Thanks for your quick response. Jim
  3. Emsisoft Anti-Malware (version Last update 2/20/11 11:58) refuses to stop blocking www.lunarpages.com no matter what I do in the "Host Rules" portion of GUARD. I create my own rule to allow it. My rule is ignored. I modify the existing (erroneous rule) to allow it. The corrected rule is ignored. How do I get Anti-Malware/ GUARD to stop this insane behavior. It did not block this site yesterday! BTW, lunarpages is MY WEB HOSTING SERVICE!!