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  1. ok, The solution now is to pay the ransom. I have to do it. thank you for everything
  2. The projects are really urgent, I don't know whether to pay the ransom to the guys or I'll be patient a little, maybe I'll have a solution in the days to come
  3. Hi Amigo-A, I just tried your suggestions, unfortunately nothing works. Maybe it's because they are c # and java files (other files don't interest me). If you have any other proposal please let me know
  4. Thank you very much for all the time you took to explain this to me. Indeed, the data that I mainly want to recover are C # and java programs. I can lose everything except these projects. I have been a victim of this virus since the beginning of October. I was able to remove the virus, currently I am trying to decrypt the files. Too bad I can't do it. I will try to follow your explains maybe I could recover some files. Thank you.
  5. I just had the tisc virus attack encrypting all files on my Windows computer. I tried to apply a few methods seen on the internet, nothing worked. Decryption software reports that files have been encrypted with an online key. Is there any way I can get my files back without paying the ransom or is there some other way? Can somebody help me please
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