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  1. That is unfortunate, as they don't know why either. Where do we go from here?
  2. A client computer is running MTS Timeclock software, stand alone edition. When File Guard is enabled, the program will not launch but it works normally if File Guard is disabled. This issue first occurred November 17th. Emsisoft has been installed on this machine for well over a year without issue. Emsisoft does not seem to be alerting us from any component. We have added exclusions for all folders and files related to this program. No other AV software is installed, aside from Windows Security. Emsisoft is installed as part of our Syncro deployment. Operating system is Windows 10 21h1 with all current updates as of today. Program directory is C:\Program Files (x86)\Time Clock MTS\timeclockmts.exe. Developer is Time Clock MTS | Great Employee Time Clock Software.
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