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  1. Once again, before I started the final steps, Avast popped up with another virus warning. see attached log (today's entry).
  2. no new problems. seems to be running ok. are there final cleanup steps then?
  3. OTL Log File attached, but the Extras file never opened, and there is no OTL folder on the c: drive.
  4. Sorry about that... somehow missed the export option when I first looked at it. Here is the log file. Working on passing the info to Avast right after submitting this reply. Primarily it is the entry dated 12/6 that concerns me since this was after all of the cleaning we did on the system.
  5. Before I go through the finishing-up steps, there was a trojan warning through Avast yesterday. This occurred after following the previous instructions (while waiting for your reply). I have attached a screen shot of the Avast log. Is this indicating that a problem still exists, is it a residual or false positive, or did Avast prevent a new problem? Thanks.
  6. Things seem to be running ok right now. Avenger did not find any rootkits, but Asquared is still showing trojans. Also, the computer experienced a bsod before I followed the latest instructions. It rebooted ok, and so far that has not recurred. Newest logs are attached. Thanks for all the help so far.
  7. When I ran combofix, a message came up that said that rootkit activity was discovered. It rebooted the computer and continued. It seems that google search results are no longer hijacked so that is a very good sign. Logs are attached. What next?
  8. After this thread (http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/581-trojan-and-possible-rootkit-infection/) we have had a couple weeks of trouble-free operations. Now, however, my wife noticed that links from a google search were being hijacked. I ran a scan and immediately found more trojans. logs are attached. Once again, help would be very much appreciated.
  9. Ok. upgrade to ie8 was easier said than done. still unable to do updates, so I downloaded the network admin version of sp3 update. once I installed that, ie8 was able to be installed. once ie8 was installed, the updates worked. browser issues are resolved, and the pop up error about Microsoft Feeds Sync is gone. Nevertheless, I have attached the requested log files (I ran OTL after installing sp3 and the ie8 update). Is there a scan I should run and log file I should post to confirm that the malware has been completely removed?
  10. No change in the above mentioned problems.
  11. Done. here are the new logs... IE still isn't working properly. I get an error message "The requested lookup key was not found in any active activation context" when I try to type a website in the address bar. Further, since the repair installation of windows, an error message pops up every few minutes that says "Microsoft Feeds Synchronization has encountered a problem ad needs to close..." That's a new one for me. Furthermore, it appears that I still cannot browse to microsoft's update site (page displays blank in firefox).
  12. My wife's notebook received a trojan warning through Avast. She removed it through Avast, and shortly thereafter encountered the wondrous BSOD. Computer would not boot at all (normal, last good config, or safe mode). I ended up doing a windows repair installation, at which point I did get the computer to boot. After scanning, (and following instructions for this forum), I received the following logs to post... Thanks in advance for any help in removing these from the system.
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