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  1. i discussed 3 months ago that a ransomware extension with ( .moia ) attacked my files. and its an online id did anyone find any solution for it or i have to wait more?
  2. hey there, is there any solution found about .moia ransomware? as i posted 20 days ago that its new variant of stop/DJVU and id is online, i still have my encrypted hard drive and waiting for solution. thanks!
  3. thanks for suggestion, i will follow your guidance and will be in touch.
  4. i solved the decryptor problem and got id online, it means there is nothing to do, he says that he will wait for decryption, well may he get success for it. thanks
  5. this new ransomware (.moia) attacked my friends pc after me, i ran emisoft decryptor tool for getting information about ransomware that its an online id or offline. but the tool stuck on staring. it only says starting not showing the results. help
  6. After patience today i just saved some of my files almost 40% of them which were not effected yet (can be open simply changing the extension) And stored some very important encrypted files too maybe they can be decryptable in future. after removing all ransomware along with other encrypted files i installed a fresh window and scaned it. its better than doing nothing or waiting. now at least my work is on as well. its request to all that please make backup of your important files or make secure your pc for ransomware attack. thanks for help!
  7. now the ransomware is stop. i just need to decrypt my files while id is online! can anyone suggest me decrypt method or tool because emsisoft and shadow are not working on online id case!
  8. thanks for reply. i know above procedure and have done it yesterday it couldn't help. i have many kind of files most of them are zip. emsisoft decryptor and shadow explorer are not working in mine case after stoping ransomware.
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