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  1. @JeremyNicoll and @ShadowPuterDudeSince it didn't allow me to make any changes via Notepad (see screenshots). Emsisoft should be working as per normal. I haven't seen Emsisoft greyed out after that
  2. @JeremyNicollI was using dual screen. I first shut down the EAM Shield and then I followed the instructions. The screenshot must have picked up the dual screen.
  3. @ShadowPuterDude Do I need to save that file on the same location? i.e. overwrite the existing skin.ini file?
  4. @ShadowPuterDude When i double click on program files and i find Emsisoft Antimalware folder, and I click on that and i can see a configuration setting file named skin.ini Now what do I do with that file, right click on it, and etc... I am new to this? Please show step by step. Thanks.
  5. Hi. In some occasion, when I open up the GUI for manual update, the GUI pops up and when I want to check for updates manually it suddenly grey out (see attachment) so i don't know if it's checking for updates or not? This behavior occurs rarely. When i click on close, it closes and when I want to open it up, it opens up normally. Is this a known issue?
  6. Oh that shows up... I thought that there will be only the Emsisoft icon showing
  7. When you open up the Emsisoft GUI and you want to run a scan and you click on the " X" or the minimize button on the GUI why won't the GUI automatically close and appear on the bottom right hand corner? Is there a function/setting for this? I can't seem to find one? Most other antivirus has this functionality? FYI: I am new to Emsisoft 🙂
  8. Thank you Mikolaj R. Yeah I am already sit back and relaxed while Emsisoft does all the hard work for me hahaha 😄
  9. Hi All, This is my first time installing Emsisoft and though it's a NZ company and I am from NZ. It's really good to have a local antivirus company where the user is also local :). Have a nice weekend everyone.
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