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  1. i understand, but i have media files.......that are tfude.....those are the ones i'm trying to decrypt.
  2. yeah from that file you can find the key? becuase that is not the only file i have encrypted,i have several media files that are encrypted by the same key.
  3. File: C:\$GetCurrent\SafeOS\SetupComplete.cmd Error: No key for New Variant online ID: PKJD3fCzU6q5yLToK8UXZCr3psCGy2moN62QlEpg Notice: this ID appears to be an online ID, decryption is impossible this is the error i receive with the decryptor
  4. My files are wmv files (the tfude files), also when i'm in the submit parts page i can send the encrypted files, but not the original ones.....how do i find my original files?
  5. almost 3 years ago I got hit by this tfude virus and it affected a lot of my files. I seem to not have the originals, i don't know why. At that time i downloaded spyhunter and deleted the virus I had. I can pay you for your services if you can bring my files back (anyone that can fix this for me), as they are very important to me. this is the error I receive when i try to decrypt them with the emisoft decryptor Error: Unable to decrypt Old Variant ID: PKJD3fCzU6q5yLToK8UXZCr3psCGy2moN62QlEpg thank you so much, I hope you can help me out. I think this an old variant, but with an onlide id key
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