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  1. Hello, please the (nnqp-stop/djuvu) virus enfected my computer and encrypted all my files-videos and pictures, i am asking you for help to recover my document, i could'nt found any solution for this..!! because i was encrypted by an online key which is difficult and unique so please, the hacker asked 980$ as an exchange with my files, i wich if you are able to slove this problem, you are my hope to rescue my computer with all my personal staff, at the end many thanks for you for this kidness help....see you note: extension virus is nnqp date of enffection: 19/12/2021 the address of the hacker : [email protected] the personal id: 0363Sigrjy9Bvd2fuvxpzaF9EvB94C6WXuKdXyY5UGm7eDoVA
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