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  1. Thanks, Jeremy. The option is still there in the current version but had no effect on shutdown. I would still have to complete the invisible captcha I mentioned in my previous post. Willy
  2. Thanks, I had overlooked/forgotten the Shutdown Protection but quite in style with my problem this gives me yet another empty window where I probably would have to complete a captcha. I have many tools running in my daily work environment so I'm reluctant to restart my computer unless it's really necessary. Usually this happens once or twice per month, but I guess it's the only way out at this point. By the way, my greatnephew and I are big Shaun fans. Baa! 😀 Willy
  3. Hi, Lately EAH has been showing me empty and transparent notification windows when it wants to tell me something. This applies both to the smaller messages sliding in from the side and to larger windows shown in the center of the screen. As I can't respond to them or take any action I have no control of the outcome resulting in unnecessary quarantaining. The first thing I'd like to try is to just restart the program to see if it solves the problem. However, that's no easy task as neither services nor processes allow me to do this. I understand the need for security behind this but as master of my own computer I still would like to be able to stop a program or service when this is necessary. Is there a proper way to stop EAH? Willy
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