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  1. That hotfix worked for me! The Emsisoft console has not been opening on my computer all week and that seemed to fix it. We'll see if it is still ok tomorrow after a shutdown overnight. Thanks! I wouldn't have known about this if I had not come to search the forums.
  2. I clicked the report button at first but I think it did not transmit, and then the windows piled on top of one another so that clicking on report didn't do anything further.
  3. I have an automatic scan run three times a week, and recently I've found that if I don't ever come back to the computer in the evening, and it sleeps overnight, in the morning when I wake it up Emsisoft goes into an error loop that eventually renders the computer unresponsive and requires a hard restart. The screen that shows I have no threats found is displayed, and then it starts throwing error after error dialog until I have half a dozen or more open, all different errors. The one I happened to catch sight of this morning, but not the last one, was 007878EA in a2service.exe - Googling found no results for it, and there were many others after that. What is this about?? I am running Windows 10 Build 10240 on a Samsung PC, also running Avast antivirus and Windows Firewall.
  4. I have tried twice now to re-install Antimalware on Win10 (I uninstalled it prior to executing the upgrade because things often go wrong when you have security software running during an OS upgrade...) - my antivirus reinstalled fine but I can't get this to install. I ran install, after downloading definitions it hung up; restarted computer and it tried to start the a2service but got a fatal error. I uninstalled, restarted, and tried again - it hung up at the same place although this time the security wizard was showing in the task manager (but using no CPU or disk, just hanging in memory). I uninstalled again, restarted, Emsiclean showed nothing to clean. I'm not sure what to do. Do I need to download a new copy? (this one is a month old). Any tips appreciated as I'm a paid user at least for another six weeks... Thanks. Antivirus is Avast, do I need to disable it while installing??
  5. I will try that if I run into trouble again but I was hoping not to have to do that because I could only exclude the entire Chrome directory not just the executable itself... I found another place to delete Chrome's entry, it was in the 'Firewall' section under Rules, it seemed somehow to keep Chrome tied to an older version number, and Chrome updates like every other day so deleting that seemed to open it up.
  6. I have been having an ongoing problem with Google Chrome and OA lately. OA blocks Chrome from getting to the network router and thus to the internet. The other day I deleted the entry for Chrome (Allowed and Trusted) from the list of programs and then opened Chrome, and OA asked me if it should be allowed - I said yes, and it fixed the problem. Today it's blocked again, but now it's not even in my list of programs to delete. History says a user decision blocked it because a trusted program had changed, but even if my daughter accidentally blocked it (which I don't think she would have done, it's her favorite browser), how can I find that and undo it? I am having a terrible time with this problem and don't know why Chrome isn't in my list of programs at all anymore. Please help! I'm running the latest version of OA free, with updates current ( on Windows 8 with Avast free antivirus and Emsisoft Antimalware. Thanks! I feel like this must be easy and I'm just not getting it. (putting OA in learning mode did not help)
  7. Thanks, I would never have known what port to check! This solved my problem! Thanks, I'm so glad I googled and found your answer!
  8. I have done what was suggested in this thread to solve the problem, but it has not solved the problem for me! I did send a support request email, but I'm also posting here just in case it takes some time for that to be seen. This has gone on for three days. I had to do a system restore back to the point where the new version was installed to fix a driver glitch, and now I can't get the installation to update. I am running Avast antivirus and Online Armor firewall, and both have the Emsisoft directory tree excluded from protection, so it's not that. I see no denials of access in the firewall logs. Anti-malware setup is trusted but I see no other anti-malware components listed as trusted or allowed or anything. I did reboot the computer after the uninstall, as instructed by the system. Help? Edited to add - I found another forum post saying that for some reason Online Armor blocked the a2service from going out port 80 via TCP. Once I added a rule to permit this, the updates began to flow. So, my support email can be ignored and whoever else may have this problem, you may have a silent failure on TCP out port 80...
  9. Hi, I got a new PC this summer and of course installed OA right away... at the time I did the install (June 21), I downloaded a new OA file and installed it, it was I am now up to date with My old PC was XP and my new one is Win 8 and it's 64 bit. How can I tell if I'm still running a 32 bit version of the software so I can upgrade? I got the Win 8.1 upgrade over the weekend and now the machine is very slow at rendering internet pages (Firefox) and in my Task Manager it says Online Armor Component (32 bit) is using 26% of the CPU when the system is at rest. Would it be best to uninstall and install the 64 bit version? MIght it behave a little better in this architecture? Thanks!
  10. Resurrecting this topic because I am also having problems with oasrv. When I start my computer from off, before I even enter my Windows password something starts to run and eat the CPU, such that it takes forever to bring up the desktop. When my utility opens I can see that my 2ghz CPU is running at 396mhz and that the load is 100%, totally slammed. The process that seems to be using the most resources (60% or above) is oasrv.exe. I shut down OA and this process did not stop. Why would this service not only start before Windows starts, but hammer the CPU like that? When I restart the computer, it usually does not recur. System: Windows XP, 2ghz CPU, Avast antivirus (I have gone and excluded the OA programs from each shield as recommended above but have not yet done a cold start with this configuration). I was running Spyware Terminator but uninstalled it as I thought its update process might be upsetting OA - no good. I uninstalled and reinstalled Avast to see if it was somehow upset. I uninstalled and reinstalled OA (but did not reboot twice... what does that do?). No good. I would like to sort this and continue using this good firewall. Any advice would be appreciated. The attached is the log file from this morning, up until you can see I disabled OA. There is no indication there of what oasrv is doing as far as I can see. It doesn't look any different from the log generated after I restarted.
  11. Why does the automatic update start to fail whenever there's a version update? This is the second time I have had this happen to me and had to download and reinstall.
  12. Yes, the new version does updates successfully. Not sure what happened there but I am back in business now. Thanks!
  13. I didn't know about everyone's replies till now, not sure why my notifications didn't come... but I will try the update and see if it fixes the problem, thanks.
  14. I did not know this until I happened to be sitting at the computer when OA tried to do its automatic update - it opened a little balloon over the system tray saying "automatic update failed". When I tried to initiate an update and it also failed. The log is saying "http/1.1 500 internal server error." It showed this error today 10/30, and also 10/29, 10/28. I think I had the computer off on 10/27 when it would have done the update. On 10/26 and 10/25, the error was: "socket error # 10054, Connection reset by peer." On 10/25, it also tried two hours before it got the socket error, and the error it reported was "http/1.1 502 Bad Gateway." On 10/24, the first error it saw, it got the socket error again. I have it set for 7 days of history so this is all I can see. Last update: 10/23, at 16:45. Version, Free version Windows XP SP3 with all the updates Avast free antivirus, all updates for that are continuing successfully. What if anything should I check? I haven't done anything to this machine recently in terms of configuration, disk defrag, anything. Could this be malware?? I'm having no performance issues at all. thanks for any suggestions...
  15. There are three Dell laptops in our house, each running Windows XP Pro with all the updates (SP3), AVG free version 9 (version 2011 was not very compatible with anything), and the current version of OA Free. We are using Firefox 3.6.20 (latest update) and a few add-ons like AdBlock Plus but nothing very complex. Two of the laptops have only one user account on them. The other has two, both in the Administrator group. I have been working on them for days due to problems with videos on the site americastestkitchen.com. One of the laptops plays videos there fine. One of them did not, until I threw out my ancient Sygate firewall and installed OA. Now it works great. The third one is the problem. It has the two user accounts on it. The videos on that site play fine on one user account and not on the other. They didn't play on either account till I made the same firewall change to OA, now one account works. That's a longwinded background for why I'm asking: Are there any settings or quirks to be aware of if I install OA under one user account and it runs for both? Especially with ports, internet access, or plugins and media players? Befpre I create a new profile on that PC (a third one!) and delete the offending one, I thought I'd ask if there was anything I should be checking. The problem occurs with Firefox and also with IE so it's not a browser-specific issue. Other sites play flash movies fine, such as YouTube, pbskids, etc. The Test Kitchen site uses flowplayer as its flash base. Thanks!
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