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  1. Is this the only place to get it? Cant get it to download for some reason. wont go with IDM freezes and then jumps to another site which WOT says is dodgy. Browser FF wont download it either. Weird.
  2. I use Avast and OA and putting it in the exclusions works - trust it - maybe you haven't shut down and rebooted - sometimes that needs to be done. Both are great together with others I run like SAS Pro - Spyware Blaster and WinPatrol Pro - and boot Malabytes and boot Spybot - haven't had any nasties in a few years now.
  3. OOps have deleted it as having a trawl through found it is logged as a key logger on OA. Now blocked. Blooming heck! I only use it for their screen savers etc as good pics - but maybe if they do this is why I have to pay for scam blocking as hundreds of emails blocked offering all sorts. So good firewall - knows more than I - had it a year and still learning!
  4. I have been having problems with webshots and the firewall - it boots up and every now and then forgets that this is trusted program and puts up 'a program is trying to run' - one would be fine but it puts up more than 1 - counted today 22 of these. I tend to boot and do something else waiting for ready to go and hearing Avast has updated so connected. Mainly seems to happen when something else has upset the computer lately connecting but found out that problem - ADSL filter on one phone had died. All fixed so today thought wonderful and then as I said 22 of these counted and when I rebooted because it wasn't right still started over. So I have gone to Firewall and added the above with .scr on the end and hope that will cure the problem. Good firewall - if I can only cure this hickcup.
  5. I have had webshots as desk and screen for many years. I changed to OA from Comodo and it didn't find a problem with it. But OA has and although I have it trusted and allowed - it will put up an alert because wants to run and this collects files seemingly. I think it actually checks you have the photo's from their collections. But then what do I know. hard to get an answer over there at their forums these days. If I boot up and do something else I turn back to the computer and find as many as 20 alerts which I have to click trust allow and it gets very annoying some days shut down and reboot to stop the madness. then other days it pops up with outgoing access allowed. Now this is a good firewall but it does tend to have far too many pop ups and some are gone before I get to read the first ones and then pop ups checking OASIS. Now should this not mean it finds it okay and in the data bank as I have had OA for 1 year now and always had webshots. Any suggestions - I have gone through programs and other areas and allowed it and trusted it. I run XP home SP3 Intel Pentium dual CPU E2160 @1.8hz 1GB RAM Avast, SAS pro. Spyware Blaster WinPatrolPlus and Online Armour.