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  1. I did. I changed the Twitter and Instagram's password account to a longer and unique password after I saw the hacker did this to my accounts at the same time. Hope that helps prevent further hacking to my accounts
  2. 14 hours ago, it looks like someone took over my account while I'm in the middle of lesson and take a look at the hacker's spam. Can anyone tell me what are the meaning of these random numbers the guy spammed while taking over my Twitter's account this morning? This has happened three times already (Once in IG but I already changed the password after because the hacker spam fake scam BTC giveaway and twice when the person took over my Twitter's account) after he attacked my PC with ransomware and encrypted 70% of the files in my PC. Can you guys please look it up for the meaning of these codes the hacker sent through mine and why? Could they mean something else or a code?
  3. The decryptor tool didn't work because I got online ID. What should I do now? The hacker is out there on the loose and I will never be able to decrypt my files that the hacker encrypted unless he or she spilled the key to the encryption and I won't pay ransom amount to such criminal after what he did to mine! 😤
  4. Just yesterday morning, my PC got attacked with ransomware and all my files are locked with .ssoi format along with the ransom note. None of the files can be opened so I suspected that a hacker must have entered and messed up with my PC followed by the note. He's on the loose and I tried to take over my hacked account back from him after he messed up with all my accounts as the PC contains some of the password of my account in specific social media. Somebody need to find him fast before others end up like mine (I lost my college homework and study material during the attack too). The new format .ssoi can't be recognized by the decryptor tool either and the message was exactly like other site's step-by-step removal (Take note that I already removed the malware by myself but the hacker is messing up with my social media accounts now with suspicious spam while he is in control so I have to take over the accounts by force in any way I can think of and I have to lose my main FB account because he changed the primary email of my main Facebook account to hotmail which I never used before. I will find a way to take it back by force or if there's no other way around, I will take down my old account as I got several duplicate of account with the same name but under my control as long as I remember the mail and password). The tool needs update for this new format or none of us will be able to get our files back forever. This file I uploaded was one of the new format encryption and I got more of the same format here including the college files. Regards Patricia from Indonesia 105-Article Text-368-1-10-20210713.pdf.ssoi
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