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  1. Thanks its been nice meeting you.
  2. The reason I asked,'have you heard of tweaking.com' was because I am or was thinking thats the solution. Also, I want to give you an update and tell you I tested avideo and didn't get any freeze this time in ie. So, I don't know if the problem will return.
  3. I just checked and I'm only getting video freeze in ie and NOT Firefox. Have you heard of tweaking.com? It isn't a connection problem, btw!
  4. I'm getting video freeze again, so I tested some vids, it would freeze but the audio would continue, then it would fastforward to present action. Are you getting this too?
  5. I think things are 'OK' atm.
  6. I believe what is the case now hasn't always been and what I'm saying is those two sites in my reply has the direct download. Even if I were to download the latest version I am still redirected to adobe.com to get the latest version and that wasn't the case in the past.
  7. I never wanted Babylon in the first place, but unfortunately I couldn't avoid it. I remember I was trying to download an adobe upgrade and I just went deceitful site, but I learned my lesson and I either go to adobe.com, updatestar.com or as a back up filehippo.com. Flash player whereabouts and experience is a learning curve.
  8. Now I'm starting to agree, everything is looking fine with the logs.
  9. I'm almost certain that I ran one of those versions (even though I updated cf) of cf and there was no reboot, thankfully. I coudl be wrong.
  10. Okay, here is more information.
  11. No, I've just been hit with Live Security Platinum a couple of days ago! I know you shouted 'OK' cause you may be getting tired of me, lol!
  12. Ok, that was the problem, I just had to uninstall and reinstall flash plugin. Right now I have a 11.3.300.257 activex and a 11.3.300.262 plugin, I probably didn't need to uninstall activex.
  13. Ok, I know I started telling you about the audio problem while at the same time talking about the freezing, but I had to sort of squeeze it in and inform you in a timely fashion! I went to the device manager and don't feel I have any driver issues!
  14. What is it when you're tasking as usual and you haven't hit a bsod, but your computer freezes to the point where you can't click on anything(not even the upper-right x button or pull up task manager)? Is that called a computer crash, of course I've only had it happen once, but in the past when the computers' screen would freeze up, I could at least pull up task manager and get rid of some windows and start ie over, when I did the compulsory reboot I could get back to the internet, but let me know if I'm making any sense! The problem I have now that I needed to contact you about is that my audio went out(only happening in ie), I don't know what happened but when I wanted to look at a video I can't hear anything and then the ad freezes, I checked the volume so, no, theres nothing wrong with that! Ok, I was able to find that it was just a computer freeze and not a computer crash (BSOD), I definitely want to apologize, I remember doing a search like this on google years ago and not being able to find the right information.
  15. Yes, I think I know how to get there.
  16. I must let you know, my computer crashed and I had to reboot, if it crashes just once randoimly, is there a problem?
  17. Yes I understand, well I appreciate you helping me out, I should be back to this forum in the future I know!
  18. yeah, that right there is confusing!
  19. I almost certain its been fixed, because I would put something random like "yak" in the address bar and I would be taken to another search engine, which I'm totally fine with that search engine. About Linux, to get it to work at the beginning on some computers do I press the "esc" button, and if so when do I press it?
  20. I've already removed AVG from my computer!
  21. I was told about the unlocker in this forum to help me uninstall AVG.
  22. If I mistype a url, then I'm taken to babylon search engine.
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