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  1. Thank you, Lynx. As far as I remember, OA' install program suggests to temporarily turn off any existing resident protection as a first step, which I probably followed. And no, A2 is my only protection beside the Firewall. I will follow your instructions and let you know the outcome. Kind regards
  2. Hello, I bought Online Armor and A-Squared AM as a bundle at Tallemu.com which had me believe that both Tallemu and Emsisoft had worked together to minimize if not avoid conflict between their two respective programs. I also recently reinstalled my system (an up-to-date Win XP Pro SP3). Ever since I added OA on top of A-Squarred and all the other programs, log-in time has become very sluggish. I approved all programs under OA and created exceptions for OA under A2, but it doesn't seem to improve things. I would have 3 questions : 1) Have you or other users also observed a similar behaviour? 2) What could be the causes of such an issue - like duplicate HIPS feature on both programs, for example? 3) Would you have a settings checklist to make sure the two programs work well together? I performed a quick search on the forum for relevant topics but found none. If this issue has already been addressed, would you please post a link to this topic? Thank you in advance.
  3. Hello Fabian, Thank you for your attention and reply. I will soon get back to you with the report. Cheers, Fantasio
  4. Hello H_D, Noted with thanks. No, the peak lasts for one second at most. But it occurs every three or four seconds. No, A-Squarred Anti-Malware is currently my only real-time protection.
  5. Hello Stereo-sigi, Thank you for your reply and advice. You are wise to remind me about the tool that you used to reduce the service's priority permanently. Actually, I remember reading your post and retained the general idea - my German is a bit rusty. I thought the TaskManager would do the trick. However, given H_D's comment, I might try and find what might cause the service's CPU usage to go up this way. You have a point though! This frequent increase may well be caused by another process. Could listening to streaming radio through Yahoo!Widgets like I do be the origin of this behavior?
  6. Hello, My laptop computer is a Pentium M 1.7 Ghz with 1,25 Gb of RAM, a 100 Gb 7200 rpm HD and plenty of room for the virtual memory to run. Its system is Windows XP Pro SP3 and is up to date. I am using A-Squarred Anti-Malware's latest build Like other users in this forum, I noticed that A2 does use a lot of CPU resource while downloading updates. But what brings me here is that every three of four seconds, its CPU-usage rockets from 00 to something between 40 and 80%. My questions would be 1) Shall I consider this a normal behavior given my present configuration? 2) I lowered the priority of the service with Windows Task Manager but this didn't have a significant effect. Is there another way to regulate the service's CPU usage? 3) Is Emsisoft working on optimizing a2service.exe so as to make its presence less noticeable? Thank you in advance for your attention and assistance. Fantasio
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